Do you need high limit eBay stealth account? Do you want to sell more but eBay is limiting you? Combined with fully verified PayPal accounts, our Business seller eBay account is the best you can get.

  • 1000 items / $25000 monthly limits
  • Business PayPal verified with Email, VCC, Phone, Bank
  • PayPal 21 days holding removed
  • Business OLD seller eBay account
  • 10-20 Positive Feedback
  • 30 day replacement guarantee (must follow our guide on how to use account)

PAYPAL: provide Business PayPal Access, Visa VCC access (2 years validity), Virtual Bank access, Business info and a licensed copy, Virtual Phone access (3 months subscription) and the PayPal 21 days holding removed.

eBay STEALTH: provide Business OLD seller eBay account with five-plus positive reviews and 30 days replacement guarantee but you have to follow our guide how to use the account.

This service value is $129



Are you unable to pay via Bitcoin? Contact us, we have different payment methods too (Neteller, perfect money, webmoney, skrill, etc). Buyer satisfaction is our main goal.

After making your payment you have to submit payment details and Card Creation info. Just click the ‘Submit Details‘ button below to submit details.


Stealth accounts are eBay/Paypal accounts made using an alias and otherwise different information than your own, real information.

Maybe eBay decided to restrict/suspend your original account, thus leaving you with no other option. If you were to open a new account with your real information, they would be linked and then your new account would be suspended too. Even if your real account is in good standing, it’s still a good idea to have a backup plan. What if one day your real account gets suspended or is tainted because eBay sided with unreasonable buyers? 100% of your revenue is suddenly gone. By buying stealth accounts, you give yourself options.

Absolutely! It is perfectly legal to conduct business in another name – the official term is using a DBA (“Doing Business As”). If your real name is John Smith, you can legally conduct business as “John’s Deals LLC”, or really any name using a DBA, and that is exactly what stealth accounts are all about.

Although these are all American accounts, YES they can be used anywhere in the world as long as you have access to an American IP address. Typically an IP address is not included with your purchase, however one can be setup for you for an extra fee. Please ask for details.

NO, We have 100% verified and removed 21 day holds problem.

Yes, The account come with 10-20 positive feedback.

We will deliver in 12 hours.

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